Let Your Beauty Unfold
Welcome to my mind, enjoy.
Trigger warning, I do not promote, or glorify self harm or eating disorders. We are better then this.


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y’all are like “ooh everyone is beautiful” “ooh everyone deserves to feel hot” and then three seconds later you’re making fun of people who cover their acne with makeup and people who haven’t mastered winged eyeliner yet like grow the hell up you don’t get to pick and choose times to be body positive

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i want a late night adventure. i want someone to call me up and say, “i’m outside. let’s go do something!” i want to go out late at night in my pj’s and my hair all tied up. maybe drive around. go to a park and just swing on the swings. maybe sit in the grass and watch the stars or maybe go to a 24 hour food place and pig out. i just want a late night adventure with people i like to be around. no drama. nothing but good vibes and good company.

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check out the way this dog’s eye’s open

this dog rocks
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I was born in the wrong generation. This generation is still racist as fuck and I can’t download a pizza. Wake me up in the year 3019.

*Update from the year 3000* not much has changed but we live underwater

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I will never understand how I let myself become so addicted to pain.

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