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Trigger warning, I do not promote, or glorify self harm or eating disorders. We are better then this.





You Aren’t Boring I Just Suck At Conversations I’m Sorry: a novel by me

I’m Not Ignoring You I Just Don’t Know What To Say: a sequel by me

I Feel Like I have Nothing Interesting To Say So I Don’t Say Anything At All And I’m Really Sorry Don’t Stop Talking To Me: the trilogy.

By Fall Out Boy

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when my mum tells me to put on a jacket


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*dramatically falls down on my bed after a long day of sitting on the couch*

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Hello guys, 
I never usually post like this but this is something that really means a lot to me.  

My best friend and dog died in January, just a few weeks ago - my aunt, to cancer. Now my 7month old German Shepard who is beginning recovery from an intestinal problem, after being hospitalized, is still being closely monitored by a specialty doctor of internal medicine. And just today I had to bring our 5-7 (vet is not sure) week old kitten for emergency care over night.. 

I have opened a go fund me account and any donations are appreciated. I have been working my ass off to help cover the bills which are already in the three thousands. Thank you for your time.  

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